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Providing for a relative

Everyone with a family member who receives community care services or means-tested benefits should think about setting up a trust.   

Protect entitlement to community care services and means tested benefits

Any direct inheritance of money or property can affect entitlement to means tested benefits and might mean the person has to pay for their community care. Even if the person is not receiving any benefits or services just now, remember this could change in the future.  It is also important to think about what a child might need when they become an adult.

By setting up a trust in advance of your death, or as part of your will, you can ensure funds can be used to improve a persons life without affecting their entitlement to means tested benefits and community care services.

Support and help to manage funds

It is particularly  important to consider setting up a trust where a family member has reduced capacity.  This might be as a result of a learning disability, illness, stroke, dementia, brain injury or significant mental health issues.  A trust is a way of protecting a person from exploitation.  It also ensures funds are only ever used in the person’s best interests.

How we can help

We set up Cairn Trust Management due to demand for a professional trustee service that is transparent, accessible and puts the beneficiary at the centre of all decisions.

There are lots of reasons why you may want to appoint a professional trustee.  It avoids placing an extra burden on friends or family.  It also allows you to formally set out what you would like to happen and ensures your wishes are respected.

By appointing us as Trustee you can rest assured funds will be used to enhance the lives of your chosen beneficiaries.

From experience, we know that some people prefer to appoint family members or friends as trustees.  In these cases we can provide all necessary administration services to the trust.  Being a trustee is a significant commitment and involves a number of time consuming duties including maintaining trust accounts and dealing with tax returns as well as regular reviews and updates.  This can take up valuable time the trustee could be spending with the beneficiary.

Using our services means that you and your trustees can be assured that the financial records are appropriate and accurate.  We can also assist in developing a personal management and spending plan.  For many people, this is an attractive option.  Your trustees can retain the final say on payments and financial decisions, while we take care of the paperwork.

Next steps

Cairn Legal can help you to write a will and/or set up a trust.

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