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Personal management plan

Solutions for your clients

Personal Injury Trusts

If your client is successful in a claim for personal injury you will probably already be advising them about setting up a personal injury trust.  The obvious advantage of such an arrangement is that it protects your client’s means tested benefits and entitlement to community care services, both now and in the future.  Personal injury trusts are also an important consideration where your client has reduced capacity.  A discretionary trust can offer protection from exploitation or the funds being spent inappropriately.  It is the best way to make sure funds are used only in the beneficiary’s interests.

Testamentary and Lifetime Trusts for beneficiaries with reduced capacity

Where a client is planning to leave more than a few thousand pounds to someone in receipt of means tested benefits or community care services then it is vital that a trust is considered.  Particularly where the recipient has reduced capacity and there are worries about how that person will actually manage the funds.  We have the specialist knowledge and expertise needed to establish and manage such trusts.

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